What is Quants?

What is Quants?
Learn about the first project to leverage Mito's Launchpad.

Quants marks a historic moment as the inaugural project to leverage Mito's Launchpad. This launch underscores the essence of the Launchpad’s purpose: to empower and support community-led projects.

Who is PRMR?

Quants was launched by PRMR, a dynamic group of long-standing Injective community members. Their journey began with the launch of Injective's inaugural NFT collection, the Premier Ninjas. Through their innovative approach, PRMR transformed what started as a modest venture into one of the most successful NFT collections to date, showcasing the immense potential within the Injective NFT Fi realm.

What Is Quants?

Building upon this remarkable success, PRMR launched its second NFT collection - Quants. 

PRMR leveraged Quants as a vehicle to onboard over thousands of individuals to the Injective ecosystem, offering a seamless and inclusive entry point into the world of decentralized finance. Moreover, by channeling 100% of the royalties generated from Quants towards the INJ burn auction, they spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative that not only bolstered the Injective ecosystem but also contributed to the ongoing growth of the platform. 

To date, an impressive 5,220 INJ has been burned through the Quants initiative, underscoring the profound impact of community-driven initiatives within the crypto space.

QUNT Launch

As Quants embarks on the next chapter of its journey, it announces the launch of QUNT via Mito’s Launchpad. 

“Quants is simply bootstrapping the launch since it’s currently the largest NFT on Injective with the most external, Twitter heavy users,” shares Illustrious of PRMR.  

With an initial circulating supply of 400 million QUNT, which represents 51.4% of its total token supply, QUNT will be available for Quant Finance NFT holders via Mito’s Launchpad on February 22, 2024.

Ticker: QUNT
Initial Circ. Supply From Sale: 400,000,000 QUNT
Total & Maximum Token Supply: 777,777,777 QUNT
Inflation First Four Months: 40,000,000 QUNT through LP rewards
Mito Launchpad Start Date: February 19, 2024
Marketing & Airdrops: 12.6%
Liquidity Farming: 36%
Token Sale: 51.4% 

*As provided by the PRMR team

Built by the community, for the community

The launch of QUNT marks a monumental, and a significant, milestone for the Injective community. It is no surprise that Quants won the community vote to be the first Launchpad project for Mito, as their core objective is to continue to foster a vibrant community throughout the ecosystem. 

This endeavor is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives, reflecting grassroots origins and collective effort. Mito has enabled the realization of this shared vision, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity for all involved.

To participate in QUNTs initial token launch, click here

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Disclaimer:  This content is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of any project or application.  Neither the Injective Foundation nor Injective Labs is affiliated with Quants.

About Mito

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