Learn: The Mito Launchpad

Learn: The Mito Launchpad

The Mito Launchpad is an innovative platform designed to be a one-stop shop for discovering and participating in novel dApps across crypto. It offers a community-driven, efficient, and user-friendly experience for both protocols seeking to raise capital and users interested in contributing to the next big thing. The Mito Launchpad is able to bootstrap liquidity for new projects while also working in tandem with dApps across the Injective ecosystem from day one.

How does it work?

  1. Vote on new projects: Research the potential candidates and vote for the token you’d like to see on the launchpad platform.
  2. Learn about the project: Read detailed information about each project, including its goals, token metrics, and sale terms.
  3. Join the whitelist (if required): Follow the project's instructions to obtain a whitelist NFT, if necessary. Whitelisting might also involve completing tasks, holding specific tokens, or participating in events.
  4. Contribute to the sale (when open): If you're whitelisted and the sale is open, contribute your desired amount using the required digital asset.
  5. Receive your tokens: Upon successful sale completion, you'll receive your allocated project tokens, with a 50% subject to a project-determined linear vesting schedule. The remaining 50% are used to create a liquidity vault, promoting healthy market activity.

Launchpad Subscription Model

The Mito Launchpad operates under a subscription model, offering three potential scenarios.

Scenario 1: Subscription Goal is Met

If the total subscription goal is reached, participants will receive 50% of their allocation in QUNT tokens, with the remaining 50% used to establish an automated trading vault aimed at fostering robust liquidity.

Participants will be granted QUNT-INJ LP tokens, representing their holdings, which they can redeem or stake immediately following the subscription period's conclusion.

Scenario 2: Subscription Goal is Not Met

If the total subscription goal is not met, all participants will receive a full refund of their tokens after the subscription period.

Scenario 3: Subscription Goal is Exceeded

If the total subscription goal is exceeded and oversubscribed, participants will receive a pro-rata share of their allocation.

For instance, if a participant subscribes to the Launchpad with $10, but the goal is exceeded by a factor of 5, they will receive an $8 refund in the original asset they initially subscribed with. The remaining $2 will be allocated to the participant, with 50% given as QUNT tokens and 50% deposited into an automated trading vault.

Participants will receive QUNT-INJ LP tokens to represent their holdings in that vault, which can be redeemed or staked immediately following the subscription period's conclusion.

What are the advantages of the Mito Launchpad?

Community-Driven Votes 

No launchpad token or centralized gatekeeper is needed to participate in supporting a new Injective project. Anyone with a crypto wallet can vote and participate in shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem. 

Simple and Transparent

Mito provides a user-friendly interface for the entire process with clear information provided on each project, making participation accessible to Injective enthusiasts of all levels. 

NFT Whitelists

Instead of opening the token launch to the unknown public, projects can be sure to reward real supporters of their venture through gating the process behind their NFTs. This can help both project and community feel ownership and control over their launch process.   

Instant Liquidity

Through the automatic creation of a Mito vault, protocols can generate much-needed liquidity for their token, allowing the open market to also participate in the early-stages of an Injective project.

The Mito Launchpad allows everyone to become active participants in the growth of both Injective and crypto as a whole. In turn, the Mito Launchpad enables users to discover promising new projects and accelerates their growth..

Check out the Mito Launchpad today and shape the future of finance.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice or an endorsement of any project or application.  

About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that aims to reshape the future of DeFi automated trading, launchpads, and real-world assets. A combination of automated trading vaults and a launchpad, Mito is powered by smart contracts to simplify crypto trading for all users. 

Mito is built on Injective.