Mito Vault Spotlight: White Whale

Mito Vault Spotlight: White Whale

As one of the earliest projects deployed on Injective, White Whale aims to solve liquidity challenges by connecting liquidity hubs on every major Cosmos SDK chain. With over 65,000 followers on social media along with a large user base, it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of DeFi.

Now White Whale is expanding its involvement in the Cosmos ecosystem and has now opened its vault on Mito. This creates new opportunities for Injective and the wider Cosmos community to interact with its protocol and token. 

What is White Whale? 

White Whale is a layer-one blockchain on Cosmos with a vibrant ecosystem and community focused on DeFi innovation and Liquid Staking Token (LST) yield strategies. On top of having its own chain, called Migaloo Chain, White Whale also has protocol outposts, or Liquidity Hubs on 7 other Cosmos chains. Liquidity Hubs consist of Bot First Pools (BFPs) and flash loan vaults.

Migaloo recently became the first Cosmos chain to implement BTC re-staking. You can now stake wBTC on Migaloo and earn chain yield. This implementation paves the way for BTC LST and the development of various DeFi strategies centered around yield-bearing Bitcoin.

WHALE Vault on Mito 

WHALE serves as the governance token for the Migaloo blockchain as well as the utility token in the White Whale dApp. The token generates non-inflationary yields from all the liquidity pools and flash loans vaults across IBC-enabled blockchains.  

By creating an automated trading bot on Mito, White Whale offers Cosmos users the chance to contribute to liquidity provision on Mito. This not only improves accessibility and liquidity for all users but also allows them to stake their assets in the vault to earn extra rewards.

A snapshot of the White Whale vault on Mito

As Mito continues to grow, it will include more popular projects within its trading vaults, serving as a DeFi hub for all ecosystem projects. This enables projects with active communities to offer potential trading returns, while users have the chance to receive additional rewards from their preferred protocols.

To begin providing liquidity to the WHALE vault, click here.

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About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that aims to reshape the future of DeFi automated trading, launchpads, and real-world assets. A combination of automated trading vaults and a launchpad, Mito is powered by smart contracts to simplify crypto trading for all users. 

Mito is built on Injective.