Project X - Private Early Access Launch for Ninja Pass Holders

Project X - Private Early Access Launch for Ninja Pass Holders


🚀 Project X is now open for Private Beta exclusively to Ninja Pass holders
🎟️ Ninja Pass holders must fill out a Typeform to validate their wallet and receive access to the private Discord channel.
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The Project X private beta is now here and early access is now open only to Ninja Pass holders.

Starting Monday, November 28th, Project X will be launching a Beta Program available only to Ninja Pass holders, who will test, engage and view the protocol before anyone else in the community.

What is Project X?

Project X is the latest protocol to launch on Injective, revolutionizing the way in which both developers and users can access finance to bring true mass adoption.

In essence it is a next generation DeFi protocol that is comprised of two primary components:

  • Automated strategy vaults for marketing making and passive yield generation
  • A one click Launchpad for fundraising and listings

Project X is a combination of strategy vaults for passive yield generation, AMMs with impermanent loss (IL) protection and a one click launchpad. This would in turn enable projects to launch with a unified solution that is 100X cheaper and 10X more efficient. In short, Project X will be the de facto hub for all of DeFi.

Project X was built to allow developers and users to access not only smart trading strategies but also passive liquidity provisioning strategies. The combination of these two pillars work to truly democratize finance for all.

Project X is a highly anticipated project in crypto, recently having won the Most Promising Launch Award at Cosmoverse. Project X will democratize the way both users and projects will interact with DeFi. Users will now gain access to strategies previously inaccessible for a general audience while developers will find the leading platform for launching new tokens.

What is a Ninja Pass?

The Ninja Pass is an all-access pass to the Injective ecosystem, providing users with exclusive access to upcoming product releases, events, airdrops and beta programs, like Project X. The Ninja Pass is created to be used across the entire ecosystem, allowing users to get exclusive invites and whitelists for any upcoming launch on Injective.

As new projects, products or milestones are announced, the Ninja Pass can serve as an early-access pass for holders to receive additional benefits not available to the general public.

How Do I Join the Project X Private Beta?

If you are a Ninja Pass holder and interested in joining the Project X Beta Program, please fill out the form here to receive access.

If you are a Ninja Pass holder, please fill out this Typeform with your Discord username in order to join the private Discord channel.

Once verified, you will be invited into an exclusive private channel on the Injective Discord server. Within the Discord channel, Ninja Pass holders will receive instructions on how to participate in the program and engage with the protocol.

The Beta Program will not only include access to the product but will also include contests from which you can win monetary prizes.

Note: The Discord channel will open sometime next week after applicants have been sufficiently verified.

How Do I Get A Ninja Pass?

Ninja Passes are currently distributed via unique access codes scattered across the Injective ecosystem.

Access codes are randomly provided to users utilizing Injective dApps and products. Multiple Injective ecosystem dApps will be distributing Ninja Passes for community members to claim for a limited time.

Here is a short list of dApps that have begun to distribute Ninja Pass codes: Helix, Frontrunner, Dexterium, Frontrunner, Wavely, Kado, and Qwerty. You may also be able to earn a code by being an active community member on Injective’s social channels. To stay updated on when new Ninja Passes are distributed, sign up for the Injective newsletter and follow the Injective ecosystem dApps on Twitter.

About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that aims to reshape the future of DeFi automated trading, launchpads, and real-world assets. A combination of automated trading vaults and a launchpad, Mito is powered by smart contracts to simplify crypto trading for all users. 

Mito is built on Injective.