Mito Vault Spotlight: DojoSwap

Mito Vault Spotlight: DojoSwap

DojoSwap stands out as one of the core groundbreaking platforms within the Injective ecosystem. As the first native AMM DEX built on Injective, DojoSwap quickly captured the attention of the DeFi community, reaching over $40  million in TVL within a few weeks of its inception. 

Utilizing its own launchpad to launch DOJO, DojoSwap expands its accessibility by introducing an automated trading vault on Mito, enhancing liquidity on Injective and welcoming new community members to its platform. 

What is DojoSwap?

DojoSwap is the first AMM DEX built on Injective. Beyond the platform itself, at the core of DojoSwap's mission is the goal to establish one of the most resilient and sustainable public infrastructures for Injective users. Unlike traditional platforms that prioritize profit extraction, DojoSwap operates differently. 

The team aims to minimize fees to cover operational costs while channeling the majority of trading fees back to the community. With up to 80% of fees allocated to liquidity providers and token holders, DojoSwap ensures that the ecosystem thrives collectively.

DojoSwap has grown to over $40 Million in total value locked with a legion of community members helping to further grow its mission. By prioritizing ecosystem sustainability over short-term gains, DojoSwap lays the foundation for long-term growth and prosperity.

DOJO Vault on Mito

Central to DojoSwap's ecosystem is the native DOJO token, which serves as the backbone of governance and utility. Through its own launchpad, DojoSwap introduced DOJO to the market, enabling users to trade across various exchanges within the Injective ecosystem. 

With Mito, DOJO holders can now participate in liquidity provisioning, further enhancing accessibility and liquidity for all Injective users. Users can also stake their assets in the vault to further earn potential rewards. 

Mito serves as a community tool for all ecosystem projects, and with its trading vaults, it brings together some of the most beloved projects within the ecosystem. For projects with active communities, Mito stands to provide potential trading returns, while also giving users an opportunity to earn rewards from their favorite protocols. 

To begin providing liquidity to the DOJO vault, click here

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About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that aims to reshape the future of DeFi automated trading, launchpads, and real-world assets. A combination of automated trading vaults and a launchpad, Mito is powered by smart contracts to simplify crypto trading for all users. 

Mito is built on Injective.