Mito Early Access Launch

Mito Early Access Launch

Injective Labs is unveiling Mito, a groundbreaking protocol that will revolutionize automated trading and yield generation. Starting Thursday, June 22nd, select community members can begin to use the Mito testnet to automate their trades, and activate their earnings.

At testnet launch today, only Ninja Pass holders will have access to Mito. Ninja Pass holders can begin using the beta by connecting their wallets to

As testnet continues to progress, Early Access roles will be distributed on Discord, granting automatic whitelisting to holders for upcoming entry into Mito. This blog piece will introduce the community to Mito while also detailing how to get early access.

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An Introduction to Mito

Originally codenamed “Project X”, Mito is one of the most anticipated Web3 projects since its first announcement.

Mito is set to provide unprecedented access for both users and developers to access the best of Web3 finance. In essence, Mito is a platform that will consist of two major components: automated strategy vaults for passive yield generation and a sophisticated token launchpad. In turn, users will be able to access trading strategies to generate yield alongside new tokens across the world of crypto.

Together, these capabilities allow Mito to become the de facto hub for all of DeFi.

Mito Vaults

A snapshot of the Mito platform

Each vault on Mito offers its own unique trading strategy. Each vault is carefully curated and approved through governance, empowering users to access advanced trading techniques in a decentralized and user-friendly manner.

Traditionally, sophisticated trading strategies, such as the ones on Mito, are reserved for highly experienced traders or for large trading firms who monitor markets 24/7. As an average user, gaining access to these strategies is often a complex and inaccessible process. Mito changes this paradigm by democratizing financial access for all with the help of Injective’s powerful L1 infrastructure. Effectively, this provides users with an avenue to trade and generate yield on autopilot.

All trading activities will be executed on the Injective blockchain, with vaults also actively contributing liquidity to the entire Injective ecosystem. As a result, users are able to optimize their trading portfolios via Mito while also playing an integral role in shaping the dynamic Injective community.

Mito in Action

Mito is built to be accessible for everyday users and anyone can begin with just a few clicks!

Here is a typical journey for a first time user on Mito:

  1. Join a Mito Vault
A Mito Vault in action

Subscribe to any Mito vault by depositing the desired amount of funds. Deposits are confirmed instantaneously due to Injective’s lightning-fast speeds, and the vault automatically uses the funds to execute its trading strategy.

Every trading vault within Mito provides a comprehensive outline of its strategy, including historical data and metrics. This level of transparency ensures that users can make informed decisions about which trading vault aligns with their specific goals.

  1. Earn Rewards
The Mito Rewards Page

Upon entering a trading vault, users will receive a vault token that represents their deposit into that vault. The vault token will reflect the performance of the specific vault. When you wish to withdraw, you can simply redeem the vault token.

But that’s not all — Mito offers even more opportunities to maximize earnings through its Rewards feature. By staking vault tokens for a specified period, users become eligible to receive additional rewards, creating another way to enhance their crypto portfolio and explore new avenues for growth.

Get The Early Supporter Role

Mito is available to Ninja Pass holders starting Thursday, June 22nd at 2:00 PM UTC.

You can also get early access in the coming weeks by getting the Early Supporter Discord role.

How can you earn the Early Supporter Discord role?

  • Complete the Galxe Mission here: Link
  • Get the Early Supporter role on Guild here: Link

The Early Supporter role on Discord will help unlock special private channels that can provide you with product and launch information not available elsewhere.

Early participation in the Mito Testnet will be key to unlocking upcoming incentives and rewards in the future.

Please join the official Injective Discord server and the Mito Twitter to receive the latest updates. The community may also host special events across Twitter and Discord for you to get Mito Early Access Passes.

The Future of Mito

Mito represents a paradigm shift in the world of Web3. Mito transforms advanced trading strategies into a user-friendly experience, making them accessible to everyone. With Mito, users now have the power to grow and diversify their crypto portfolio with confidence, leveraging the expertise of proven trading strategies in a decentralized environment.

Join the community to get early access today! Together, let’s unlock a new era of financial freedom.

About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that revolutionizes automated trading and yield generation. With Mito, users can seamlessly create custom portfolios while supercharging their earnings on autopilot. Mito is built on Injective, the fastest L1 blockchain optimized for finance.

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