Mito Missions Walkthrough Guide

Mito Missions Walkthrough Guide

Mito, one of the most anticipated Web3 protocols in history is kicking off its early access testnet.

Built on the fastest layer one blockchain Injective, Mito is a groundbreaking protocol that revolutionizes automated trading, RWAs, launchpads and real yield generation.

Early access users on Mito will be able to participate in Missions: a fun way to earn points on Mito with daily challenges to battle test the network. Earning points also allows you to level up on the Mito leaderboard.

This blog will guide you through how to join the Mito early access testnet and Mito Missions while earning points to level up!

How To Get Started

To begin your missions on Mito, you will need to:

  1. Secure your Mito Early Access Pass to get whitelisted
  2. Participate in Missions on Mito
  3. Get the Mito Missions Launch Supporter NFT
  4. Fill in the Mito Feedback Form and earn XP

Step 1: Get the Early Access Pass

The Mito early Access Pass is required to be whitelisted for the testnet. It will also earn you the Early Supporter role on Discord, unlocking an exclusive private channel.

How can you earn the Early Supporter Discord role?

  • Complete the Galxe mission here: Link
  • Get the Early Supporter role on Guild here: Link

Step 2: Participate in Mito Missions

On Mito you will find daily challenges designed to battle test the protocol while giving you an opportunity to try out new features!

The Mito testnet will open for early access weekly. The exact time for entry will be announced on the Mito Twitter, or on the private Early Access channel in the Injective Discord server.

*Please make sure you are connecting to Mito using the same wallet used to complete the Galxe campaign.

Once you successfully connect your wallet and join Mito, click on the “Missions” button which will take you to the Missions page. Mito Missions will be your go-to section to try out all available features on the Mito testnet while earning points, accessing new surprise launches and leveling up your ranking!

Missions Dashboard on Mito

Mission 1: Claim testnet INJ

Now let’s get started on your first mission by acquiring some testnet assets. It’s recommended to claim some free testnet INJ tokens first. As Mito is built on the Injective blockchain, INJ is the native utility token on the network used to pay gas fees.

To claim testnet INJ, click on your wallet address in the upper right corner and click the “Get Testnet INJ” button. The testnet INJ will arrive in your wallet right away, and you can request it again every 24 hours.

This mission is a one-off task that you can complete once.

Mission 2: Subscribe to any Mito Vault

Next, let’s experience one of the best parts of Mito — Mito Vaults. Select the “Vaults” tab and you will see a wide range of vault selections that offer their own unique trading strategies.

The vaults on the testnet vary from crypto, stablecoins, real world assets (RWAs) and FX. All trading strategies are executed on Injetive. As a result, users can subscribe to vaults and optimize their portfolios by earning passive yield with the a click of a button.

For this mission, you will need to subscribe at least $1,000 of any testnet asset to a Mito vault.

For example, select “INJ Boost” as an example, click the “+Add” button, and input 1,000 or 1,001 as the liquidity amount to make sure it’s at least worth $1,000. Click “Add Liquidity” and confirm the transaction. You’ve just completed another mission!

Mission 3: Stake any asset

Continuing with the above step, there will be a pop up window that asks you to stake right after you provide liquidity to the vault. Select “Max” and “Stake” to stake the maximum amount of vault tokens (INJ-BOOST-LP) to increase your testnet rewards.

The mission requirement is to commit a minimum of $1,000 in value of LP tokens to staking. In case you need to stake more, you can also find the stake feature under the “Rewards” tab under each vault to continue staking your vault tokens.

Mission 4: Claim staking rewards

Staking your LP token will let you earn additional rewards, and the final mission is to collect your staking rewards. You can claim rewards from vaults where you have staked your LP tokens. You may claim any desired amount from any vault to complete this mission.

Go to the “Rewards” section and click “View my rewards” under the vault where you just staked your LP tokens. You will see a “Claim all rewards” button. Click that and you are all set!

Mission 5: Claim your supporter badge on Galxe

To celebrate the early access launch, you are invited to claim an exclusive free Mito Missions Launch Supporter NFT on Galxe once you finish participating in Mito Missions. This NFT signifies your participation in Missions and serves as a reminder that you were one of the first in history to experience the most advanced automated DeFi platform.

Claim your Mito Missions Launch Supporter NFT on Galxe: Link

Check your rank on the Leaderboard

Besides the “Claim Testnet INJ” mission, all the other missions are daily missions, which allows you to earn more points on a daily basis and level up on the leaderboard.

You can check the top users on the current leaderboard and click “View your progress” to see your total points and overall ranking.

Step 3: Fill out the Mito Feedback Form and earn more points

A new way to earn points is to fill out a quick feedback form after you’ve thoroughly used the Mito testnet and are ready to give us suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing from you and improving Mito together.

Users who provide valuable feedback will be rewarded with more points on Mito! The more helpful your feedback is, the more points you will earn!

Fill out the form here: Link

The Future of Mito

Mito represents a paradigm shift in the world of Web3. With Mito, users now have access to advanced automated trading, sophisticated launchpads, innovative RWAs and real yield generation.

Join the community to complete Mito Missions today and experience the future of the first automated DeFi hub!

About Mito

Mito is a groundbreaking Web3 protocol that revolutionizes automated trading and yield generation. With Mito, users can seamlessly create custom portfolios while supercharging their earnings on autopilot. Mito is built on Injective, the fastest L1 blockchain optimized for finance.

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